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Alayne Kay Christian
Award-Winning Children's Book Author
Pssst! If you have a manuscript where you're whining, "Help! I'm stuck and I can't figure it out," Alayne is the manuscript whisperer!

Alayne, thank you! Gracias! Merci!                       - L. M

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Picture Book Writing Course - Art of Arc
How to Analyze Your Picture Book Manuscript
Fresh. Straight forward. Thought provoking. Idea generating. WOW!
ART OF ARC is one of the most comprehensive writing classes I've ever taken. It breaks down complex aspects of story structure in a clear manner that helped me to understand every element of picture books, from hook to satisfying ending.
Great information, wonderfully laid out to lead you systematically through analyzing and improving your manuscript.
Alayne Kay Christian does the BEST in-depth critiques. I am so excited to revise with her comments and suggestions in mind. Reading her notes was like taking a super writing workshop with a pro!  Thank
you so much, Alayne. - V. K.
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Click here for information on how to write a picture book for children. This online course will walk you thorough the picture book writing course step by step. In addition, it will teach you to analyze and edit your picture book manuscripts before submitting them to agents and editors.

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